A Jogan Drabble – Last Minute Projects

“John Logan Wright, you better not be falling asleep again.” Hissed Julian from where he was on the floor as he looked up at Logan, who had evidently dosed off, head resting on the desk, his mouth slightly open.

“Logan,” He repeated.

Still nothing.

“Logan!”  Julian all but yelled, tempter running short quickly, and causing Logan to sit up in alarm, hitting his knee on the bottom of the desk, hands flailing in front of him, and finally, stumbling back in his chair and onto the ground with an “oof,”.

Julian giggled at the sight of his boyfriend, fanned out on the ground. “Sorry, didn’t mean to scare you.” He told him, smiling.

Logan groaned. “Help me up, you dunderhead.” He mumbled, arms still helplessly in the air.

After much pushing and shoving, Julian managed to bring his boyfriend back on his feet. Logan squinted in the darkness towards the clock. It flashed 2:03 in alarmingly bright red colors.

“Jules, its 2 AM. We need sleep.” He said, hands on Julian’s shoulder.

Julian only shook his head. “No, it’s due tomorrow.” He protested, pushing Logan’s hands off himself, “I can’t believe you left this project ‘til the very last day. You’re a Stuart for heaven’s sake!”

Logan raised an eyebrow, “I’d like to point out that it’s our project. Also, why do you care? Your grades don’t really matter.”

“I know they don’t” Julian sighed, “But yours do.” He retorted, dropping back down to the floor and crossing his legs.

 “It’s due at the end of the day tomorrow. We can work on it during lunch and our free period.” Logan reasoned as he walked towards the bed, plopping down, eyes never leaving Julian.

“Come on, come to bed. Don’t worry about it.”

Julian turned his head towards Logan, smiling lightly at how Logan’s legs went off the edge of the bed because he was too tall to fit it. “No,” He sighed with defeat, “You go to sleep if you’re that tired. I’ll work on this.” He said, gesturing towards the project.

Logan stared at him, eyebrows raised for a moment before sitting up. “Seriously?” He asked with disbelief in his voice. “Just come sleep.”

“Yes, seriously. I’m not even that tired.” Julian said, nodding to himself more than Logan.

“Alright then,” Logan said, shrugging as he hoped off the bed. “You asked for it.”

“Asked for what?” Julian’s eyes widened as Logan gained on him, eyes smiling with mischief.

He bent down when he reached Julian, hands sliding underneath Julian’s knees, and with one easy tug, he scooped him up.

Julian yelped. “Put me down!” He hissed, kicking vainly, but Logan only laughed. He walked back to the bed and dropped his significant other rather unceremoniously on the bed.

Julian huffed. “That was so not fair.” He frowned, crossing his arms.

“Who said anything about fair?” Logan asked, lying down next to him. He turned to face his boyfriend, who had already begun to protest.

“But we can’t ju-“ He was cut off as Logan’s lips were pressed firmly to his, all thoughts of late projects vanishing from his mind as he kissed back gently. 

When Logan pulled away, Julian immediately felt himself blush like a school girl. How long had they been together? Almost 5 months now, but Julian would never get used to Logan’s kisses.

Then, “Hey, you can’t just kiss me like that and expect me to-“ Once again, Logan knelt in, pressing kisses onto his neck.

Julian stuttered for a moment before pulling away, frowning. Who cares about the stupid project, now he just wants pay back.

“Alright,” He whispered, “Two can play this game.” Julian smirked as he pushed Logan back, stepping over his legs to straddle him, he knelt down; kissing Logan with such a ferocity he surprised himself.